Idaho Job & Career Fair

Career FairWhen & Where: 
Jan 7, 2015 9AM-5PM -Employers
The Riverside Hotel - 2900 W Chinden, Boise, ID 83714 
Apr 7, 2015  9AM-5PM
The Boise Hotel, 3300 S Vista Ave, Boise, ID 83705 
Sept 2, 2015  9AM-5PM
The Riverside Hotel - 2900 W Chinden, Boise, ID 83714  

Sponsors: KBOI, IBL Events, Inc., Express Employment Professionals




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April Employer Booth Info/Application

September Employer Booth Info/Application


Time is money. Efficiency saves time! And The Idaho Job & Career Fair is the epitome of time saving and productive interactions.

What if you could weed through hundred of applicants and narrow down to a few quality prospects for the available position at your company all in six hours? It’s possible and has been a repeat occurrence for many employers at Idaho Business League Events, Inc.’s tri-annual Idaho Job & Career Fair.

This event brings together local and national companies with people seeking employment or looking for a career change. Recruiters and job seekers meet face-to-face in a professional atmosphere to take applications and resumes, interview and hire qualified candidates in a proficient manner.

Online posts and putting ads out create a stack of paperwork, a full inbox and are a headache to pilfer through. At the Idaho Job & Career Fair, applicants come eager for a new career. Set-up interviews on the spot. This fast and beneficial screening process saves companies time and thousands of dollars on recruiting costs.

Take advantage of the highly effective recruiting format by featuring your company at The Idaho Job & Career Fair.

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Check out the jobs at the FREE Idaho Job & Career Fair. Positions include salaried, hourly, commission and own-your-own-business opportunities.