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Tuesday, Feb 10th

  • 9AM Room 1 100 Years of Marketing. Are You Evolving or Stagnating? Corey Smith , CEO Tribute Media
  • 9AM Room 2 Proven marketing strategies to consistently grow your business.. Aaron Ellsworth, SCORE
  • 9AM Room 3 HR Strategies for Growing Companies. Kim Schaff, HR Director, Ataraxis
  • 9AM Room 3 Coffee with Boise Mayor Dave Bieter. Welcome - 2015 Year of Economic Opportunity for Boise
  • 10AM Room 1 It's Not How Smart You Are - It's How You Are Smart. Vicki Budd, Director BSU Multidisciplinary Studies
  • 10AM Room 2 "A David Mentality in a Goliath World!"© 5 Steps to Slay Life's GIANTS! Joan Endicott, Author & Coach
  • 10AM Room 3 The Pangs and Pitfalls of Implementing CRM Software. Nick Anderson, CEO The Crispian Advantage
  • 10AM Room 4 Creating the Norco Legacy with Clear Vision and Leadership - The NORCO Success Story. Ned Pontious, President NORCO
  • 11AM Room 1 Securing Business Payments - ApplePay, EMV, Tokenization, PCI DSS Compliance. Dan Harrington, CEO NLP Secure
  • 11AM Room 2 Find The Best Approach for Getting Results from Adding Mobile in to Your Daily Workflow. FieldSync Mobile Solutions
  • 11AM Room 3 The Pangs and Pitfalls of Implementing CRM Software.
  • 11AM Room 4 Benefits of Content Marketing for SEO. Carol Jensen, CEO Veridean
  • 11:15AM - 1:00PM Peregrine Room Noon Luncheon. Topic: Growth Downtown Boise. Speaker: Tommy Ahlquist COO Gardner Co.
    Open to Public. Guest Fee $20. IBL Members Free.
    *Speaker will begin at noon.
  • 12PM Room 1 Staffing Secrets - Key Points to Consider When Choosing Temporary Staffers! Sara Barnowski, Express Professionals
  • 12PM Room 2 Using the Business Model Canvas to Improve Your Business Planning. Don Smith, SCORE
  • 12PM Room 3 Social Media Marketing: Is it Really Paying Off? Jessica Pearson, Social Media Marketing Manager, Boise Online Mall
  • 12PM Room 4 Digital Marketing 101: Marketing in the Age of the Internet. Corey Smith, Founder Tribute Media
  • 1PM Room 1 Making Sense of Data Center Tier Levels. Ken Birch, CEO FiberPipe
  • 1PM Room 2 Realizing the Modern Office - Optimizing workflow, Processes and Paperless Innovations. FieldSync Mobile
  • 1PM Room 3 Business Launch - What You Need to Start a Business. Shari Herrara, Director and Carlo Duncan Business Specialist, Women's Business Ctr.
  • 1PM Room 4 Jump Starting Your Internet Marketing to the Next Level with High Performance Web Marketing. Josh Ball, Dir. WTC Marketing
  • 2PM Room 1 Understanding Website Search Traffic for Business Owners & Marketing Managers. Brian Ernest, CEO NeoReef
  • 2PM Room 2 How to Capitalize on Custom Apps to Automate Your Business. Debby Page & Ben Whitaker, CEO RiaFox.
  • 2PM Room 3 Branding Your Company - 150 Years of Marketing Science in 20 Minutes. Don Morin, GM Cumulus
  • 2PM Room 4 Introducing the New Idaho Medical Savings Account. Adam Berry, RSM American Health Value
  • 3PM Room 1 How to Get Your Product to Market. Lynette Bushman, Women's Business Center.
  • 3PM Room 2 The Importance of Cash Flow Management. Gary Kaiser, SCORE.
  • 3PM Room 3 Ready or Not, Here Comes EMV - What Merchants Need to Know About The Future of Payment Processing. Kacie Long, Mgr Heartland
  • 3PM Room 4 Finding the Exit - How to Transition Ownership of Your Business. Terry Frisk, CEO B2B
  • 3PM - 5PM Business After Hours. Full Contact B2B Networking. FREE to attend
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